First Post !! The Yes,Please of the Day

Wisterial-coral-shelf p15235 larger_image 2 larger_image nautical-board Ship-wheel-above-the-fireplace-becomes-an-instant-focal-point Wisterial-coral-shelf

Finally, getting to my first post!

I decided for my first post it would be a feature that I won’t to do a piece for everyweek. The feature is Yes,Please! each week for Yes,Please! it will be something that I am absolutely obsessed with whether its a kind of food, the latest wedding must have, a great fashion piece, home decor , a great beauty tip or flowers. There are so many possibilites of Yes, Please! and it will be something I can’t resist sharing and want everyone to experience too.

The first ever Yes,Please is all things Nautical because lets face it, I am obsessed. Lets be honest, can’ t go wrong. Nautical themed pieces where its a pair of Sperrys to a flirty dress or all things Nautical home decor. You can go suttle or all out, any way that you like. I am a little bit of both. This is the first Yes, Please because this love started when I first received my grandpa’s Naval pin, which I plan on rocking on my bouquet when I get married down the line and that love has grown into fashion, home decor, party decorations and more. So there you have that is the first Yes,Please.


Stayed tuned for next weeks!!



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