Nails for the Season!

How do I decide what to do next for my Summer-esque manicure?  With all the nail stickers and neon color choices, it is making it a little difficult to decide. I know, girl problems haha. I could go bright neon colors with sparkle on my ring fingers, traditional red nail polish, french tip, or pull from the many options of nail stickers. What to do ? What to do?

Here are some of the nail looks I have been rocking lately?


Should I go the route of one of these or try something new? I am open to suggestions. Can’t wait to see what you all have to say 🙂

It is nail season, baby!!!


3 thoughts on “Nails for the Season!

    1. Awe thanks :)!! I’m obsessed with it ! My mom surprised me with it because I’m obsessed with anchors and brought it back from her and my dad’s trip back from San Diego. Do you like gold or silver ?

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