Is Less Always More With Home Decor Part 1

Is Less Always is a new series I will be writing on. It seems to be a topic that tends to pop up.

Today’s “Is Less Always More” is in regards to Home Decor because a lot of us tend to like to change things up every so often with our home decor.

It really just depends. If you have a smaller room or space that you are redoing like a bathroom or closer, less is always more, but when it comes to a family room or a bedroom, less may not always be more. With a bigger space, you can sometimes have some fun add more than you usually would.

Home Decor is all about having fun so it is all about preference, if more is more for you no matter the space, have at it and go for it ! Also, if less is always more and you are redoing a big space, have fun with a sleek, simple, chic pallet. Like with anything, don’t go over board, but still have fun.

What are all of your preferences when redecorating? Which route do you go?

Stay tuned for Part 2 where pictures of home decorating be done to showcase both sides !

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