Midi Rings is Where it is At

I’m back. It has been a little while since I posted.
Now I am back to post more regularly.

I am a girl who loves accessories. I was inspired my friend Liz who I went to junior high with and recently reconnected with. She commented on a post I had done about nails and loved my midi ring.

So I was inspired to paint my nails a fun color, which I had asked you all which one and I went with NYC orange for my fun little midi ring photo shoot. I also use VitaminE oil and CND nail oil to help nourish my nails for the photos. (Put both oils on and then gloves for about 15 minutes then you are midi ring ready)

Midi Rings are my latest accessory obsession and it was so fun to also gift one to Liz.
My obsession began before I even wore them, I believe it started when Phoebe on Friends wore all kinds of midi rings. She wore different styles and colors. Some how they all went well together.

The past six months I have started wearing midi rings all the time. My mom bought me my first one which is the fun gold anchor one( nautical obsessed).

I love my midi rings too that pair different metals together. Midi rings are about having fun.

What I love about them is that you can stack them together or where them alone. They are simple yet chic!

Now go out today and have fun with your midi rings !!!








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