Chalkboard Paint and All it’s Glory

I am officially hooked on all things chalkboard paint.

It all started with Pinterest. I found a DIY instruction set to make your own chalkboard paint. It was quick and easy and before I knew it , I had a fun green color to paint a vase with. Then after it dried, I grabbed some chalk and got to writing.

I have also loved the chalkboard labels that are every where weather it’s for a glass drink canister or a decorative vase, these are a fun chalkboard accessory to spice up any home decor piece.

My latest chalkboard purchase is these chalkboard decals from Target (another obsession) that are in the form of geometric shapes. They are now on the back of my door, a great spot to doodle and put lists and reminders. So far, I am having fun with it.

My next chalkboard paint project: my closet door. Stay tuned !



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