Yes Pleases of the Week

“The best is yet to come.”

This week has been a rough week for me (more on that later), but as the weekend is just on the horizon, hope is in the air. It is all getting better and life is good. Through this rough week there have been a handful of things that have helped. These are the things that are my obsessions/ Yes Pleases that have helped me get through this rough week.

Hope they inspire and give y’all a pick me up whenever you are having a rough time. Here’s to an amazing weekend and new week. Let’s go Yes Pleases !

Yes Please #1: Country Music

Country Music seems to always be on my music play list. It is the perfect music for any occasion. More recently including this week it has helped pick me up out of rough times and back into a state of joy. I listen to it all and country music will always be my music Yes Please !

Yes Please #2: L’BRI Pure n’ Natural products

I will be the first to admit I haven’t in the past been as diligent with my skincare routine. I have noticed that when I am making sure to keep my routine in the morning and at night, I feel better inside and out. I have started to realize how important skincare and selfcare are, which are now both a constant priority for me. This past week especially was one that got better in part to my new skincare routine thanks to L’BRI Pure n’ Natural skincare products ( thanks again for sending them ). They are aloe based, all natural, great for my skin and easy to use. They have brought an ease to my routine, which continues to help me from skincare to selfceare, which in my book will continue to be a Yes Please !

Yes Please #3: Enjoying Outside with Evening Walks

For me it is not always easy to get up and go out and be active even though I really want to. Slowly, but surely it is getting easier and what has helped is evening walks after dinner with my mom. This has been a great mood booster and a push to get me back into a workout routine. It always helps me to be active when nature and good conversation are involved. It all makes for a big Yes Please !

Yes Please #4: Modern Family + Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine. When I am in need of a great laugh, I put on Modern Family. It is a show that never fails in making me have a belly full of laughs. Laughter and Modern Family make for a real pick me up and Yes Please !

Yes Please #5: DIY Manicure

As you all may know I love a great manicure and these days I am all about a DIY manicure. It has helped me in recent weeks and days because it puts me in a zen like relaxation state, which is always needed. Slowing my mind down can be a struggle, but making time for a DIY mani has certainly been a big helper in doing that. DIY mani time has helped de-stress and keeps me in a creative mindset throughout the last couple of weeks. I will continue to incorporate pamper/mani time when I can. My color of choice at the moment is this purple one from Claire’s, which fit right into my photo shoot fun of this week. Any activity that keeps me zen and creative will always be a Yes Please !

This last week or so was a challenge, but all of these have helped me throughout it and why they are this week’s Yes Pleases. Hope they will help y’all in any stressful times. Thanks for listening and here is to next week’s and for things looking up !

~Kerry of KLM Fashion Style

P.S. What is your favorite song that makes you smile ? Mine at the moment is “Somethin’ I’m Good At ” by Brett Eldredge.


Valentine’s Day: More Than A Box Of Chocolates

“If you look for it I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that Love Actually is all around.” ~Love Actually

Abercrombie & Fitch Jean Jacket, Red with Polka Dots Romper, High Top Converse, West of Camden Paper Airplane Earrings


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it got me to thinking why I love Valentine’s Day is so special to me, yes I love the fashion that comes with it, the flowers, chocolates, cards, food and much more, but Valentine’s Day is so much more to me than just these things. Valentine’s Day to me warms my heart because of the memories I have made with the family and friends that I love from my dad bringing home flowers to lobster and cupcakes to my mom getting my sister and I a heart sparkle ring that I forever will wear to watching movies and just being together for Valentine’s Day with my family and friends.

So that where my love for Valentine’s Day comes from, so in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, no matter how you spend it, here are a few fun themed ideas for how to spend it with the ones you love from fashion to food to themed decor πŸ™‚

Theme#1: Shake, Rattle and Roll !


Theme #2:Β Romance is in the Air

BP Sweater, Forever 21 Bow Tank, Lucky Brand Jeans, Mossimo Flats, Attire LA Sunglasses



Theme #3:Wisking Away To Paris



Chanel Sunglasses, Moms Pearls, Forever 21 Polka Dot Crop Top, Opal Earrings
Moms Pearl Bracelet, Forever 21 Bow Ring, IL Teatro Tulle Skirt, Mossimo Wedge Booties

What are some of the things you love about Valentine’s Day?


Here are some of mine :

Valentine’s Day means Family

Valentine’s Day means Friends

Valentine’s Day means expressing love on the mountain tops

Valentine’s Day is Love

Valentine’s Day is flowers everywhere

Things I am Loving for the Month of Love

When the month of February roles around it gets me to thinking, what things I am loving right now.


First, I am really loving the idea of DIYing gifts for Valentine’s Day from date ideas in a jar to homemade treats to a VDay arrangment to painted canvases for decor.


Second, I am really loving all things Valentine’s Day themed anything including this Wildfox “Be Mine” Sleep Mask(love it all year).


Third, I am really loving having an home spa/pamper seesion either with girlfriends, my mom and sister for Galentine’s Day or a day of making self love a priority.


Fourth, I am really loving Tejava all day everyday. It is an all natural, amazing iced tea that brightens up any Galentine’s Day brunch to dinner with loved ones to a day of reading magazines for VDay inspiration.


Lastly, I am really loving celebrating and being present as often as I can with family and friends πŸ™‚


What are all the things you all are loving right now? Can’t wait to here πŸ™‚

Don’t forget to spread the love !


Holiday Decor for your Home

With the holidays not only comes family and friends and party, but holiday decorating and decor too becomes apart of the holiday season. It is one of my favorite things about Christmastime because not only do I get to make it pretty for Christmas, but for my mom’s birthday, which happens to be Christmas Day.
The decor just adds to the special feeling of Christmas, family and love. It’s my favorite holiday because of my mom and my love of Christmas and holiday decor grew from that.

Here are many of the Christmas/holiday decorations we have at our house to help give you last minute ideas and the last couple are compliments of Google.

Btw, Trader Joes has a great gingerbread house kit! My mom surprised me with one and let’s me be a big kid πŸ™‚

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !









Pinterest Challenge 1 : Coconut Face Scrub

I am back. Life got a little crazy for awhile. My last post was about which Pinterest DIY to do. I chose to do the coconut face scrub. It not only made my skin feel better, but it smelled great too.

It was found on Pinterest compliments of the blog, Hairspray and High Heels. It is called The Asprin Mask. It has coconut, honey, filtered water and Asprin. Great for dry and acne prone skin!

I am glad I started my Pinterest challenge with a homemade face mask, just in time for the holidays and my skin to glow for that holiday party πŸ™‚

Hope you all have fun exploring Pinterest and sharing what you make and recreate. Stay tuned for my next Pinterest challenge !




Pinterest Challenge 1: Which DIY Do I Choose

So I have been meaning to get back into crafting and DIYing because it’s fun and I have so many things on Pinterest that I want to make.

So I have decided to share with all of you a few ideas from Pinterest and let you decided which project to tackle next. This is a series I want to try and do every month.

Can’t wait to see which one you all vote on !






Chalkboard Paint and All it’s Glory

I am officially hooked on all things chalkboard paint.

It all started with Pinterest. I found a DIY instruction set to make your own chalkboard paint. It was quick and easy and before I knew it , I had a fun green color to paint a vase with. Then after it dried, I grabbed some chalk and got to writing.

I have also loved the chalkboard labels that are every where weather it’s for a glass drink canister or a decorative vase, these are a fun chalkboard accessory to spice up any home decor piece.

My latest chalkboard purchase is these chalkboard decals from Target (another obsession) that are in the form of geometric shapes. They are now on the back of my door, a great spot to doodle and put lists and reminders. So far, I am having fun with it.

My next chalkboard paint project: my closet door. Stay tuned !



Pinterest Obsessed This Week

Let’s be honest, I am always obsessed with Pinterest no matter what day or time.

At the moment, I am all things wedding obsessed on Pinterest because I am thinking of going into wedding planning and pinning all things wedding inspires what I will be planning for events !

It’s not only fun to picture new ways to plan a wedding, arrange your room, decorate your house or what the next DIY project will be(for me a Fathers Day wreath decoration and gift), but Pinterest is inspiring.

It allows you to realize what’s out there and you can accomplish so many things if you just push yourself and have fun with it.
Thank you Pinterest!

Wish I thought of it hehe !