Home Improvement Starts With The Details

When it comes to home improvements, I have always thought that to really make a change and splash I would have to go big, knock down some walls and repaint every space, but that is not the case. When I was exploring Wayfair and all its amazing things, I realized making a splash with home improvements is all in the details.

Here are some of my favorite details that I look forward to adding to my different spaces! Hope it inspires you and remember we can all make a splash in our own space.

1. Ridgecrest Mountain Oakley Single Dummy Doorknob with Square Rosette // More Door Knobs 2. Georgian Hall and Closet Knob with Brookshire Trim // More Door Hardware & Accessories 3. Bamboo Varying Length Solid Flooring // More Hardwood Flooring 4. Walnut Laminate Flooring // More Laminate Flooring

1. Almonte Vintage Boho Pink/Saffron Area Rug // More Area Rugs 2. LaCrosse Room Darkening Grommet Single Curtain Panel // More Curtains & Drapes 3. Waldwick 4-Light Lantern Geometric Pendant // More Chandeliers 4. Van Nest 3-Light Kitchen Island Linear Pendant // More Pendant Lighting

Need a little home improvement help? Check out these guides from Wayfair:

How to Remove a Door Knob

Hardwood Flooring Style Guide

Flooring Options and Materials Guide

Here’s to the fun adventures of home improvement and remember it is all in the details!

~Iced Tea and Top Knots

P.S. What do you love most about doing anything that has to do with home improvements?

My Wayfair Blogger Picks

I am a lover of not just sports and fashion, but home decor and how I can incorporate sports and fashion into that. It comes out with a sporty, nautical, Parisian home decor goodness.

Envisioning what my future home is going to be like is my new obsession and it is so fun putting together mood boards of my dream pieces. Who doesn’t love putting together your ultimate home and working towards that? I know I do 🙂

When Wayfair approached me to pick out my favorite Blogger picks for their site, I jumped at the chance. I picked everything for the outside, the lighting, the bedroom, the kitchen and the perfect tub to take my bubble baths. I hope they all inspire you to decorate your favorite space or even just pursue the things you love.

Happy Wayfair shopping and exploring!!!

  1. 47 in. Diva BBQ Charcoal Grill // More Charcoal Grills 2. Carmelo 6-Piece Rattan Sectional Seating Group with Cushions // More Patio Furniture 3. Kimber Blue/Beige Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug // More Outdoor Rugs 4. Clio Outdoor Barn Light // More Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Lighting
  1. Elko Melamine 8 oz. Tea Cup // More Mugs & Teacups 2. Shifflett Acacia Wood Cutting Board // More Wood Cutting Boards 3. Willow Drive Spoon Rest // More Outdoor Rugs 4. Ayesha Curry 2-Piece Spatula Set // More Spatulas
  1. Tierra Luxurious Comforter Set // More Comforter Sets 2. Villers Premium Ribbon Bed Sheet Set // More Queen Sheets & Pillowcases 3. Nicola 47.25” W Clothes Rack // More Clothes Racks & Garment Racks 4. Pinellas Computer Desk with Hutch // More Computer Desks

59’’ x 31’’ Clawfoot Soaking Bathtub // More Bathtubs

*Each item will have ‘Blogger Pick’ on it and if you click on it, you will see why I chose each of them. You also see a familiar face 🙂

Is Less Always More With Home Decor Part 1

Is Less Always is a new series I will be writing on. It seems to be a topic that tends to pop up.

Today’s “Is Less Always More” is in regards to Home Decor because a lot of us tend to like to change things up every so often with our home decor.

It really just depends. If you have a smaller room or space that you are redoing like a bathroom or closer, less is always more, but when it comes to a family room or a bedroom, less may not always be more. With a bigger space, you can sometimes have some fun add more than you usually would.

Home Decor is all about having fun so it is all about preference, if more is more for you no matter the space, have at it and go for it ! Also, if less is always more and you are redoing a big space, have fun with a sleek, simple, chic pallet. Like with anything, don’t go over board, but still have fun.

What are all of your preferences when redecorating? Which route do you go?

Stay tuned for Part 2 where pictures of home decorating be done to showcase both sides !

Pinterest Obsessed This Week

Let’s be honest, I am always obsessed with Pinterest no matter what day or time.

At the moment, I am all things wedding obsessed on Pinterest because I am thinking of going into wedding planning and pinning all things wedding inspires what I will be planning for events !

It’s not only fun to picture new ways to plan a wedding, arrange your room, decorate your house or what the next DIY project will be(for me a Fathers Day wreath decoration and gift), but Pinterest is inspiring.

It allows you to realize what’s out there and you can accomplish so many things if you just push yourself and have fun with it.
Thank you Pinterest!

Wish I thought of it hehe !




My Latest Target Obession

Target is my true obsession especially if I am bored. My newest obsession that I just love is Target’s home decor section especially Nate Berkus’ line and all things from the Threshold line.

Nate Berkus’  pillows, towels, and other home goods, oh my are they fabulous.


Threshold had an amazing storage piece that was in the shape of a pineapple and they currently have these amazing nautical pieces out, a table that is meant for me and these anchor book ends that are a must have for me.

wicker-pineapple-storage-basket-hamper-xl 14986581_201401241655

If I could I would by all of Nate Berkus’ home line and Threshold’s as well.

If anyone would like to donate, I am not opposed 🙂


First Post !! The Yes,Please of the Day

Wisterial-coral-shelf p15235 larger_image 2 larger_image nautical-board Ship-wheel-above-the-fireplace-becomes-an-instant-focal-point Wisterial-coral-shelf

Finally, getting to my first post!

I decided for my first post it would be a feature that I won’t to do a piece for everyweek. The feature is Yes,Please! each week for Yes,Please! it will be something that I am absolutely obsessed with whether its a kind of food, the latest wedding must have, a great fashion piece, home decor , a great beauty tip or flowers. There are so many possibilites of Yes, Please! and it will be something I can’t resist sharing and want everyone to experience too.

The first ever Yes,Please is all things Nautical because lets face it, I am obsessed. Lets be honest, can’ t go wrong. Nautical themed pieces where its a pair of Sperrys to a flirty dress or all things Nautical home decor. You can go suttle or all out, any way that you like. I am a little bit of both. This is the first Yes, Please because this love started when I first received my grandpa’s Naval pin, which I plan on rocking on my bouquet when I get married down the line and that love has grown into fashion, home decor, party decorations and more. So there you have that is the first Yes,Please.


Stayed tuned for next weeks!!