Tea Obsession to Say the Least

It is safe to say I have a bit of a tea obsession whether it’s hot or iced tea. I’m a sucker for tea. I don’t drink coffee so I think that’s part of where my obsession for tea grew from.

Drink tea has become a part of my routine. Especially in the morning, it is a time for me to relax and take my time to get ready, which is nice when being in the hustle and bustle of life.

My two tea obsessions right now are hot jasmine green tea and tropical passion iced tea. Both always top choices.

My new motto, “Keep Calm and Drink Tea !”

What are some of all your favorite teas?
Always up for trying new ones.
Stay tuned for tea reviews 🙂


My Latest Target Obession

Target is my true obsession especially if I am bored. My newest obsession that I just love is Target’s home decor section especially Nate Berkus’ line and all things from the Threshold line.

Nate Berkus’  pillows, towels, and other home goods, oh my are they fabulous.


Threshold had an amazing storage piece that was in the shape of a pineapple and they currently have these amazing nautical pieces out, a table that is meant for me and these anchor book ends that are a must have for me.

wicker-pineapple-storage-basket-hamper-xl 14986581_201401241655

If I could I would by all of Nate Berkus’ home line and Threshold’s as well.

If anyone would like to donate, I am not opposed 🙂